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Lessons for Cheerleading Success

1. Focus on what you can do to improve yourself instead of on your competition.  Cheerleaders rehearse routines for months before facing off in national  competitions. In those few minutes in the spotlight, you can’t control  the other team. You can only perfect your own team’s performance through hard work and practice over the long run.
2. Failure is not an  option. Remember the nearly impossible stunts a cheerleading team has been able to master.  Few things in life that are worth doing are easy, but many are attainable.
3. Learn to laugh  at yourself. If you stumble in life, get up and keep trying.
4. Step out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s performing in front of a huge crowd or balancing on top of a human pyramid, cheerleaders take responsible risks in order to complete and excel. 

5. Stay optimistic. A cheerleader’s job is to keep rooting for the team even when all hope seems lost.


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