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CONGRATULATIONS on a great season to both JV and Varsity teams!

Junior Varsity:

1st Place Viking Invitational

1st Place Panthers Invitational


1st Place Viking Invitational

2nd Place Northeast Conference League Championships

5th Place North Regional Championships




CONGRATULATIONS to the girls who tried out for this year’s BHS Football Varsity and JV teams!  We are so proud of all the hard work you put into your 3 days and can’t wait to get this season underway!  The Varsity team has 14 members (captains Alex Dodge and Carolyn Gillis) and the JV has 20 members (captain Breanne Grimes).



Congratulations to the Class of 2012!  We will miss all our captains and Seniors!! 

Best of luck in all of your future endeavours!  We’ll be thinking of you always!!

3-Season Captain Christine Klemis at tryouts for Fitchburg State!!! (in her Beverly bow)


1. Never diss your squadmates. Remember, they’ll be spotting you. Ever have one of those catty moments with someone you don’t like? Yeah, we all have. But cheerleaders know that drama has to stay off the sidelines or stage.

2. When in doubt, use spirit fingers. Doesn’t matter if it’s the 4th quarter of a trouncing. The only thing worse than a sweaty gym locker is a cheer squad without pep. Come on! The game might be over, but spirit is our job!

3. Cheerleaders don’t need wings to fly. Dreams do come true. We’ve worked hard to become who we are. Confidence is key in cheer. We fly higher than most anyone else, and do it with spirit and style. And that means …

4. Cheerleading is a sport . ‘Nuff said. Show us your scars and we’ll show you ours. Cheerleading is tough, ladies and gentlemen. We train like every other athlete and break bones like anyone else. Show the sport some respect!

5. Stay away from my cheer bag. Okay. Calling all little brothers, nosy neighbors and curious friends: I’ve got my Soffe shorts, keys and a million other things in that duffle. “Gametime” doesn’t mean the green light to go messing around



Congratulations to the BHS Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders!

 3rd Place finish at this season’s NEC Competition, best of luck at Regionals!


1. Focus on what you can do to improve yourself instead of on your competition.  Cheerleaders rehearse routines for months before facing off in national  competitions. In those few minutes in the spotlight, you can’t control  the other team. You can only perfect your own team’s performance through hard work and practice over the long run.
2. Failure is not an  option. Remember the nearly impossible stunts a cheerleading team has been able to master.  Few things in life that are worth doing are easy, but many are attainable.
3. Learn to laugh  at yourself. If you stumble in life, get up and keep trying.
4. Step out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s performing in front of a huge crowd or balancing on top of a human pyramid, cheerleaders take responsible risks in order to complete and excel. 

5. Stay optimistic. A cheerleader’s job is to keep rooting for the team even when all hope seems lost.


Check out coverage from the TODAY Show about USA Cheer and the initiative to create a sport derived from cheerleading!

USA Cheer – Is Cheerleading a Sport?.



CONGRATULATIONS to the members of the Beverly Youth Organization on a great season!!!  Excellent job at competition by all teams. and congratulations to the Spartan and Gladiator teams on their 3rd place finish!

The Beverly Varsity program is very proud of all of you!